Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DotNetNuke Development

Content Management Tool

This tool is developed using Content Management Tool, DotNetNuke. All Skins, Models, Container are developed using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 as User Controls. In content pane, Models for Blog, Special Projects, Alphabetic Search, Series, are developed and installed. Series respective text as well as video is displayed in Text and Video Tabs using Flash Videos. Blog page can be searched by Date and Tag using Blog Extended Menu Model in Right Pane. Advance Search is implemented in Top Search using JavaScript for accurate and specific search. Each lesson’s Question and solution are displayed in the right pane with separate text video tabs. DotNetNuke Site Log table is used to display no of visitors for each page. It created user Control’s using C# and installed as Models in the DotNetNuke Environment. Also used Data Grid to display tables. This software created and uploaded various skins to the framework using html. created search engine for the web application for normal and advance search. Implemented ajax in dropdown lists, list boxes. implemented cascading style sheets in skins, container and models. Written Stored Procedure in Sql Server 2005. the most important benefit of this tool is ,it is involved in unit testing and bug fixing. The core technology used here is Dotnetnuke web application framework . Associated technologies are c#, asp.net, ado.net,ajax, html,javascript,css. The database in use is sql server 2005. The content management tool is DotNetNuke 4.8.2.

Web Portal

This tool helps to develop a website which can reduce administrative costs and provides members 24 x 7 access to information. It can help communicate effectively with the users of a particular product or service by posting newsletters, meeting minutes, official documents and forms on website. And also facilitates conducting surveys, publish upcoming events, discuss pressing issues, add photos, and manage bills, post classified ads. User can access the website only after get site admin authorization. So admin can authorize the user to access such type of website. This software a analyzes requirements, prepares the development plans & estimates for the project, understands the whole process of training and related materials. It helps in developing various modules and implementing business logic using asp.net, vb.net. Also creats sql queries and store procedure using ms sql server. This software is developed using DotNet consulting services. The technologies in use are dotnetnuke (cms), asp.net, vb.net. The programming tool is dot net 2005 and database used is ms sql server 2005.

Tour Packages softwares

Tour packages are something which takes care of all the aspects of a tour. Staring from the booking tickets to reservation in hotels to city ride etc. A software is installed in such websites by offshore DotNetNuke programmer in India, where the user can get information about different type of tour packages, hotel booking etc. This tool analyzes requirements, leads to the preparation of development plans & estimates for the project, and facilitates setting up the environment on the target server to deploy the final project war file. After finishing each module of the project deploy it and testing is conducted on the destination server. The associated technologies are Asp.net & C#. The programming tool is Dotnet server 2005. And backend database used is ms sql server 2005.

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