Friday, September 24, 2010

Sample Design & Development Standards for PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder is the easiest, the most cost effective way to leverage existing code and developer skills, and at the same time, keep business critical applications running without incurring costs to rewrite or learn new technologies. PowerBuilder programming services, provides usability enhancements consistent with other major IDEs. PowerBuilder is the tested and tried tool that has the speed and flexibility to solve the challenge of developing business critical applications, and leveraging existing developer skill sets and ansuring to be at the forefront of the upcoming technology. Using PowerBuilder, you can easily develop powerful Microsoft Windows applications that access your server databases. PowerBuilder provides all the tools you need to build industrial-strength applications, such as order entry, accounting, and manufacturing systems.

The design and development standard for PowerBuilder includes the new PowerBuilder Generator which integrates database design with client/server development by allowing users to rapidly generate PowerBuilder applications complete with DataWindows, windows and menus. PowerDesigner services, is a model-driven approach to aligning business and IT, is an enterprise modelling and design solution that helps you implement effective enterprise architecture. It brings powerful analysis and design techniques to your development lifecycle. PowerDesigner uniquely combines several standard modelling techniques together with leading development environments, such as .NET, Workspace, PowerBuilder, Java, and Eclipse, to bring business analysis and formal design solutions to the traditional software development lifecycle. And it works with more than 60 RDBMS. The benefits of deploying PowerBuilder Designer is that it aligns business and IT to improve productivity, provides open support for heterogeneous environments of all kinds. This application is highly customizable to enforce standards and regulatory compliance. The PowerBuilder designer application supports a wide range of operating systems and popular handheld platforms to provide the highest flexibility in deployment. And also facilitates enterprise architecture by documenting existing systems. And last but not the least it increases business agility with link and synchronization favoring impact analysis. There are various organization delivering such services, which would boost up your software application development. And of them is Mindfire Solutions, who is an pioneer in PowerBuilder designer services.

Mindfire Solutions's team is an expert in PowerBuilder application development, custom component development & third party integration. It is is one of the best place to outsource PowerBuilder application development needs. We have a team of qualified PowerBuilder developers to meet your needs, under your budget and timelines. We have gained adequate expertise in this field. Our software development team has years of experience in developing the above mentioned applications and projects in various industry domains.

Be it the dedication to serve, be it the exceptional transparent dealings or be it the personalized client centric focus, Mindfire has always shown the passion to create a long lasting business partnership with customers. Mindfire Solutions is a Microsoft Gold certified partner, an Apple developer connection premier member and has business partnerships with big names like IBM, Adobe and others.

To discuss about our services, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us at info (at) mindfiresolutions (dot) com or call 1-248-686-1424.

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